Global-Server Rules

  • Rules that are changed will be notified in the latest News and will be marked with
  • Read the rules carefully so that you do not suffer any penalty.

  • Rules

    1. Names

    a) Names that contain insulting words (eg "Bastard"), racist and prejudiced words (eg "Negro").
    b) Names that contain the words that refer to the administration (eg "ADM", "GOD", "CM", "GM", "TUTOR”).

    2. Gamemasters

    a) Threaten a gamemaster because of his actions or position as a gamemaster.
    b) Pretending to be a gamemaster or to influence the decisions of a gamemaster.
    c) Intentionally providing wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster regarding his inquiries or making false reports of rule violations.

    3. Botting

    a)Botting is frowned upon but not against the rules. If we see you botting during long periods of time we might just give you the "mark of the botter" which acts like a black skull and makes a server-wide broadcast which player has recieved the mark. So bot at your own peril!

    4. Chat Channel ("Public")

    a) Prohibited SPAM: "Several players send similar phrases in a short period of time”.
    a.1) The limit of ads that a player can send inside depots, temple boats is 15 seconds.
    b) The sharing of personal information (eg IP, addresses, social networks, etc.) is prohibited.
    c) The Help chat is for restricted use to clarify doubts. It should be used for any questions, regarding game mechanics, quests, items, addons, mounts, doubts about accounts, updates and etc. It is clear that the channel should be used for questions. Any player who uses the help for other purposes, such as complaints, discussions, jokes, spam, sales, announcements, etc., and is seen by a tutor or staff member, in addition to receiving a mute will be liable to be banned from the account used. We have the tickets and the forum for you to express all your opinion, indignation or praise, do not use the Help for that.
    d) World chat & English chat: Sales, purchases and exchanges are prohibited. Spam's forbidden (sending the same similar message in a short period of time).

    5. Events

    a) The use of "multiclients" within events organized by the server is prohibited.

    6. HACKING

    a) Any website published in the game will be considered HACK LINK, except the official website "Official" and tibia fansites.

    b) It does not apply to video links on youtube of players that produce content that does not harm the good reputation of the server.

    7. Bug abuse

    a) As a logical matter, it is forbidden to abuse any bug inside the server, regardless of the "benefit" that the player tries to obtain with such action.

    Obs 1: The punishment for abuse of bugs will be one of the most severe on our server. In cases where the involvement of one or more players is proven, there will be an irreversible deletion of all accounts belonging to that player, even if other accounts have not actively participated in the infraction.
    Obs 2: Every case of a bug must be reported directly to staff, preferably via ticket, so that it can be analyzed and, if possible, resolved. We count on the help and collaboration of all players to keep our server free from this inconvenience.

    8. Personal information

    a) The player is aware that the server administration can access a user's personal information for the security of the server and the user, this information can be ip, in-game conversations, in-game transactions, in-store purchases, market purchases and any or all types of player movements that interest the server.
    Obs 1: This information will never be revealed to the public, it will only be used when necessary.
    Obs 2: The player is aware that no team member will ask for any type of information previously mentioned, since the information is automatically generated only by the player who is connected.

    9. Power Abuse

    a) Repeatedly killing players with an unreasonable lower level than oneself without a valid reason is not allowed and action might be taken against such behaviour.
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